____________________________________________________________________________________________   - About Clan |gf|, what and who we are. -

   .:| Story behind Clan |gf|
        Well it all started back in Autumm of 2002 ( November 21-22 ) when I ( |gf|Blucid ) got myself an XboX. The core group of |gf|, 3luciv, Corcid, Silentstorm and I decided to make a Clan. That was dedicated to playing XboX online ( Mostly tunnel service, XBConnect and Xlink ). We grew that year to more and more people, mostly real life friends. We were good at the games that we played against people. Just the strategy and planning that went with every teammate was amazing. Over the years the clan grew into more consoles and more people. We are not that big now, totaling in about 13 people but still strong and proud to be |gf|. Now with the release of X360 ( XboX 360 ) were planning to get back into gaming, actually joining some leagues and join the competitive side of being in a clan. We created |gf| Clan for one purpose, for friends and relatives to play under one unifying name. Which was |gf| ( Good Friends )

            - "One family, tons of games, One Winner. Clan |gf|" ( |gf| Clan Moto )

 .:| Forming of TeamGF ( c2007 ) |
       With most old |gf| Clan members leaving behind gaming. One looks forward into the future and decides that he wants to make a difference a change in the gaming community. |gf|Blucid sets out to create TeamGF. TeamGF is composed of gamings new voices, new players, new legends that will make a difference in Pro-Gaming. We might not make it to the top all the time. But we will fight and strive to be the very best.
       - TeamGF Information -
           email: teamgf@cidtech.ca
           irc: #teamgf @ irc.gamesurge.net

   .:| Story behind Entropic Decay ( Clan eD -
Website Link )
  Here at Entropic Decay, we are devoted to making a clan to dedicated XBox 360 fans and players. eD is made for mostly for fun, with a hint of competition. Everyone is welcome to the clan (if you're mature that is). While in the game, we will do many exciting things. We will plan for strategies, work on our basic skills, develop teamwork maneuvers, and overall have lots of fun while doing it. So far this clan has around 30 members, but we are looking for as many mature, helpful and nice players that we can get our hands on! This clan is not for the rude and vulgar. Anyone who misbehaves (majorly) will be banned, making this clan a more exciting place to enjoy. Here at Entropic Decay, we are Perfect:1.

This clan was created by Perfec7, with support and info from all the members to make it all work out! Without them, it never would have gotten anywhere. This clan originally originated (heh!) from the Perfect Dark Zero forums at perfectdarkzero.com, although bringing it here is the best decision we have made. Our unbelievable website was made by leader Eranix. What you see now is two layouts later, as Eranix teamed up with fellow member Bartholomewdark to create this new look. Here at this website and forums, we are expecting exciting conversations, as well as irrelevant ones. We will get to meet each other, and overall become one big team. Currently, we ARE openly recruiting, so if you are interested in eD, please register at our forums and make your name known in our great community. Get your game on, and kick some butt, eD style.

    .:| Gaming Central of Clan |gf|
        In here pictures and details about the setups that we have for our gaming entertainment.
                    ( Coming Soon )


::| Supported Games: Gears of War ( XBL ) |::                                                                ::| Current Number of Members: 6 |::
::| Welcome to the Official TeamGF Website, please enjoy your stay |::